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Self-adhesive solutions

Adhesive tapes Self-adhesive solutions

Profiles, ornamental trim, emblems and add-on components of all kinds – these parts are all attached using adhesives, screws or rivets in a great many production processes worldwide. In most cases, this process can be made considerably quicker, simpler and more reliable if these parts are already equipped with self-adhesive solutions. For this purpose, Coroplast manufactures double-sided adhesive tapes and films and provides them in a variety of packagings – ideally designed and optimised to suit your particular process. Please feel free to contact us!


Profile bonding of trims and other components

Double-sided PE foam adhesive tapes

  • PE foams with various densities
  • Double-sided coated
  • Different adhesive systems

Double-sided film, paper and non-woven adhesive tapes

  • Good stability of thin carrier materials
  • With different adhesive systems, also for difficult surfaces

High-performance adhesive tapes

  • Coroplast SPT series quality products
  • Self-adhesive acrylic foams
  • Best stress absorption due to its viscoelastic behaviour
  • High flexibility and adaptability to the bonding components
  • Extremely high final bonding

INFORMATION TO DOWNLOAD Our range of products at a glance

Do you need a quick overview of the range of products that our Technical Adhesive Tapes division has to offer or require more detailed information about individual products? Here you will find further information to download.

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