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Adhesive tapes for automated processing

Mechanical/plant engineering and automation technology Adhesive tapes for automated processing

Fully adapted to suit high-volume production and the short cycle times of today’s automated production processes, we offer a broad selection of our adhesive tapes on cross-wound spools with long run lengths, cutting set-up times to a minimum and optimising processes

If you are unable to find the right adhesive tape in our standard range below, we will be happy to offer you a customised solution. Please feel free to contact us! 


Level-wound spooled wire harness tapes

Cloth adhesive tapes

  • For interior, engine compartment, wet area or HV application
  • Dense and abrasion resistant cloth structure (up to class D according to LV 312)
  • Solvent-free adhesives based on acrylic or synthetic rubber
  • World innovation: easy to tear by hand as well as abrasion resistant

Film adhesive tapes

  • Film carrier based on plasticized PVC, special PVC or modified polypropylene
  • Very thin carrier, therefore high flexibility and good tearability
  • Available in various colours

Heat reflection adhesive tape

  • Special laminate of aluminium and PET cloth
  • Reflects radiant heat and reduces the inner wire harness temperature up to 60% 
  • Enables use of more convenient wires with lower temperature class
  • Heat-resistant 240 h at 175 °C, depending on insulating material

MPX series

  • For bundling wire harnesses
  • Economic and flexible alternative to corrugated and textile tubes
  • Best abrasion resistance of wire harness tapes, abrasion class D to G (according To LV 312) depending on design
  • Good chemical resistance

Non-woven adhesive tapes

  • Smooth material structure and easy handling due to tearability
  • Solvent-free adhesive based on acrylic or synthetic rubber
  • Sound damping class C or D (according to LV 312), depending on thicknesses 

Velour adhesive tapes

  • Wire harness tapes based on PA velour
  • Perfect combination for any application, when abrasion resistance (class D) and sound damping (class E according to LV 312) is required
  • Solvent-free adhesives based on acrylic or synthetic rubber
  • Suitable for hook and loop


Level-wound spooled foam and film adhesive tapes

Single-sided PE foam adhesive tapes

  • Closed-celled foams with solvent-free adhesive systems
  • Thicknesses: 1.0 mm – 6.0 mm
  • High initial tack and good final bonding

Double-sided PE foam adhesive tapes

  • PE foams with various densities
  • Double-sided coated
  • Different adhesive systems

Double-sided film, paper and non-woven adhesive tapes

  • Good stability of thin carrier materials
  • With different adhesive systems, also for difficult surfaces

EPDM and PU foam adhesive tapes

  • open-celled PU foams, such as semi-closed-cell and closed-cell EPDM foams
  • Adhesion also to difficult surfaces
  • PU foam adhesive tapes with sound damping class E (according to LV 312)


Level-wound spooled transfer films and high-performance tapes

High-performance adhesive tapes

  • Coroplast SPT series quality products
  • Self-adhesive acrylic foams
  • Best stress absorption due to its viscoelastic behaviour
  • High flexibility and adaptability to the bonding components
  • Extremely high final bonding

Transfer films

  • Adhesive films without carrier material
  • Different adhesive systems in various thicknesses
  • Ideally suitable for laminating and equipping self-adhesive components

Acrylic sealing mass

  • Double-sided adhesive acrylic mass, best sealing effect due to self-bonding properties
  • For water- and airtight splices
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Visual control of splices due to maximum transparency