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Compliance Transparent rules of conduct that create trust

Management Team: Marcus Söhngen, Lei Berners-Wu, Natalie Mekelburger, Thomas Mayer, Torben Kämmerer

Coroplast has grown quickly in recent years and is becoming increasingly international. It is therefore also faced with a growing number of regulations and standards. In this context, it is our task to ensure that the decisions made and actions taken on behalf of Coroplast always comply not only with applicable legal provisions, but also with our own ethical standards.

To ensure this compliance on a sustained basis, at Coroplast we have established a Compliance Management System (CMS) that is tailored to suit our needs and designed to provide guidance for all our employees, both in Germany and in other countries. The most important points are summarised in our Code of Conduct.

„We held discussions with a numerous managers, including those working at our foreign locations, and adopted many of our colleagues’ practical suggestions on the subject of compliance. It was important for us to make the Code of Conduct as concise and practical as possible.“
Roman Finke (Manager Internal Audit and Compliance Officer)

Information to download Compliance and Code of Conduct

The Compliance Committee deals with all questions relating to our rules of conduct – both within the company and in collaboration with our business partners. It consists of Roman Finke (Manager Internal Audit and Compliance Officer), Carsten Keienburg (HR Manager Labour Law & Relations and Compliance Officer) and Roland Merta (General Counsel and Compliance Officer). In order to ensure that our rules of conduct are transparent and can be adhered to, the Compliance Committee has drawn up the Code of Conduct, which sums up the fundamental values of our company.

If you have any questions about the content, our Compliance Officers are here to assist you:


Do you have any questions on compliance or the Coroplast Code of Conduct? Then please feel free to contact the members of our Compliance Committee.

Compliance Committee (Germany)
Compliance Committee (Germany)