Coroplast Tape Corporation

Founded in 2013, Coroplast Tape Corporation continues to deliver pressure sensitive tape solutions since the start of production in 2014. An industry leader in wire harness tapes, Coroplast Tape Company has many tape technologies in various market segments to solve your needs. 

German owned, family managed-Coroplast Tape Corporation leads by a laser focus on innovation, engineering expertise and safe but efficient processes in an entrepreneurial culture that is market solution oriented in a pragmatic way.

Coroplast Tape Corporation was established in Rock Hill due it's proximity to ports-both air and sea as well as the large metropolitan Charlotte region.  We have grown to over 125 team members after doubling our footprint in late 2016.  With our continued growth and investments, we are full once again!

Industries & solutions Your industry, our solution


For greater protection and safety in your vehicles.

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Mechanical / Plant Engineering and Automation Technology

For long running times & sustainable processes.

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Building & Construction / Installation / Heating

For durability, even under extreme conditions.

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Windows & Doors

For efficient sealing, fixing and installation.

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Appliances & Furniture

For demanding, sensitive bonding applications.

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Customized Solutions

For your individual requirements.

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„Coroplast Tape Corporation safely produces high quality technical tapes with a focus on innovation and engineering to meet customer needs.“
Robert L. Alexander (Executive Vice President)

Coroplast Technical Adhesive Tapes